Nowadays we hardly realise that without water people cannot live. We are used to the fact that when we open our tap, drinking water will flow seemingly endless. This is not standard for about one billion people in the world though. For them there is no water at all or the water supplied is contaminated. Daily still thousands of children below the age of 5 die due to the consequences of the use of contaminated water. Health issues related to the use of unsafe water is in the world still cause of death number 1.

This burden is heaviest to carry for third world countries. Every day approximately 20,000 people die there due to issues related to water supplies. In many countries water is a scarce resource and in some occasions water sources and drinking water are simply lacking completely.

Within our projects it is important that the people will be able to maintain the systems. For this reason much attention is given to training of the population in for example hygiene, administration and income-generating activities. Even songs and poetry competitions with subjects like the ones mentioned can be part of this. All those activities have the aim of increasing the involvement and awareness of people and with that realise durable facilities.

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