Unica Foundation is based upon the following objectives:

  • Offering effective technical support to projects in developing countries.
  • Providing support in implementing renewable energy resources where possible.
  • Technological training (capacity building), to make people able to maintain the projects and to stimulate people develop further initiatives and perspectives by themselves.
  • Contributing to the aims set in the millennium goals.

Distinctive approach

Several organisations work for a so called ‘good cause’, which is why in this regard Unica Foundation is not unique. Instead of commenting on this though, we aim at complementing and strengthen other parties involved in the same activities.

Furthermore, the support of Unica Foundation is characterised by the aim of offering structural aid. The way in which this is done is twofold: on the one hand by our cooperation with the local population and the aim for educating them, and on the other hand, through the focus on supplying a much needed and trustworthy (sustainable) energy source, which otherwise would have remained absent completely.

Aid organisations often meet the obstruct of deficiencies in these vital energy sources, which could lead to not achieving the success aimed for. By applying our experience and knowledge gained in The Netherlands in sustainable technology systems to development projects in Nepal, Unica Foundation can help redress this balance. In this respect, Unica Foundation tackles the problem at the source.

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