Daan van Vliet is former managing director of Unica and is still active as one of the shareholders of the company. Additionally, he is involved in a number of boards (including the national taskforce for the construction industry), supervisory boards and charitable boards and besides this, he is a keen advocate of ongoing sustainability in society. Furthermore, Daan is a regular visitor to Nepal, a country which he has fallen in love with over the years. Daan himself played an activepart in setting up the Unica Foundation. The fact that much of the foundation’s work now takes place in Nepal is not a complete coincidence.

“I’m enthusiastic about the Unica Foundation because we can actually put Unica’s know-how of sustainable energy and technical project management into practice. Often, this is the missing link in the realisation of construction projects in developing countries. It’s fantastic to be able to put back something into society. Not only that, but it’s something that our company can learn from as well.”